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Wing Chun Applications

WING CHUN SAN SAU - These are the combination of the Siu Lim Tao form (1st FORM) (Little Ideas)

For example , Pak Sau(Slap Block Hand), Tan Sau, Bon Sau and Fok Sau. They are used as a.combination, but they have got to be in the correct way.

Now I am introducing some of the SAN SAU combinations to you. WING CHUN is the Most Practical self-defence art. It has not got fancy' moves, so it is quite difficult to attract people. I hope through this introduction to correct people's mistaken attitude. WING CHUN is the most intelligent art. It is worth every body learning and studying it as there are a lot of combinations. I will try to introduce some to everyone.

1. Right hand threading combination (Click here for photos and explaination)

2. Outside Fook Sau (Bridge Arm) Lock (Click here for photos and explaination)

3. Inside Bon Sau (Wing Arm) (Click here for photos and explaination)




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