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Wing Chun Forms

The first form of Wing Chun – the Siu-Lim-Tao (‘little idea’)

The Siu-Lim-Tao is the foundation of the Wing Chun style, and is therefore of vital importance to the practitioner.  It’s true meaning stems from the Buddha, and its performance – and therefore that of the entire system – demands the right frame of mind, a comprehension of its correct positions and movements, and the development and exercise of the style’s breathing technique.

The most common mistake made by Wing Chun practitioners derives from an ignorance of the correct form and a misunderstanding of its true meaning. Wing Chun wins through theory and softness, so above all the body should feel natural and relaxed. 

Click here to see photos of Siu-Lim-Tao being demonstrated by Grand-Master Kevin Liu



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