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Grand-Master Kevin Liu began teaching kung fu in Brighton, England, in 1984, and during the twenty nine years since the founding of the Wing Chun School has instructed many students.  As a descendent in a direct line that stems from Great Grand-Master Leung Jan, and which derives from Fu Shan, China, his Wing Chun is significantly different from the more commonly known interpretations of the style.  Grand-Master Kevin Liu thus teaches and practices a highly refined and theoretical form of classical, traditional Wing Chun, and values quality far higher than quantity. 

Grand-Master Kevin Liu was born in 1940 – the year of the Dragon – in Po Sheung Tsuen, Shuen Shui Village, Hong Kong, China.  Now 73, he has loved martial arts from a young age, and learned many of the popular styles of Kung Fu before being introduced to Great Grand-Master Lok Yiu by a senior Kung Fu brother. He has searched for the root of Wing Chun in  Fu Shan, China, and in doing so visited many schools, but found that their teachings were all notably different from the traditional style that he learnt.

Grand-Master Kevin Liu expects his students to study hard.  His advice to all is to learn and practice in the correct manner – to follow the real dragon.

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